Rentap Fighting Championship showcases global Muay Thai talent

KUCHING: The Rentap Fighting Championship (RFC) set the stage for an electrifying display of Muay Thai skills, drawing fighters from around the world to engage in thrilling battles at the Sungai Apong Basketball Court yesterday (Nov 18).

Enthusiastic spectators flooded the court, creating a vibrant atmosphere as local and international fighters exchanged powerful kicks and punches in the ring.

Participants from West Malaysia, Sarawak, Sabah, the United States of America, Chile, Lebanon, Myanmar, and Thailand brought their A-game, captivating the audience with their fierce combat skills.

The championship witnessed fighters from amateur, semi-pro and pro bouts showcasing all levels of Muay Thai, with athletes of all ages, both male and female competing.

A highlight of the event was the Super Pro International Night, where local stars and ONE Championship Fighters Elias Ghazali and Kabilan Jelevan faced off against top international contenders.

Federal Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh and Sarawak Minister of Youth, Sports, and Entrepreneur Development Datuk Seri Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah were also present to witness the muay thai fighters compete.


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Rentap Fighting Championship showcases global Muay Thai talent