Trainers & Coaches


  • Head Coach
    • 38 years experience
    • More than 250 career fights
    • Fought at the prestigious Rajadamnern and Lumpinee Stadium in Thailand
    • MAX Muay Thai Champion contender
  • Certified Muay Thai trainer by Board of Boxing Sports Thailand
  • Former Coach at Dejrat Gym, Bangkok for Thailand national team
  • Former Coach at SS Fighters Muay Thai Gym, Kuching
  • Co-Owner and Head Trainer of Rentap Muaythai Gym
  • Fight Matchmaker for Muay Girl Promotions


A Karadech Seesombat (Addy Singpayak) was born in North Eastern Thailand. As a young boy he soon realised that the only way to escape poverty was Muay Thai. At the tender age of 6 he had his first fight in a makeshift ring. He earned 20 baht for his first village fight. He recalls thinking that he was rich!

As his name grew and he began earning more money he was purchased by a bigger (more connected) gym. At the age of 16, he left home and moved to Chonburi (between Pattaya and Bangkok) where he became a regular fighter at Thailands famed Radjadamnern Stadium. Over a 15 year span he fought among the best of Thailands champions. He was regularly featured on Thai TV7, TV9 and TV11, fighting the Mitsubishi Super 8 and the Ford Ranger Super 8. His last fight at Radjadamanern Stadium saw him earning 80,000 Thai Baht. Quite a jump from the 20 Thai Baht he had earned at his first fight some 25 years earlier.  Addy then moved to Bangkok’s famed Dejrat Gym. Also the home of Thailands national team and the respected Ajarn (Master) Surat. While fighting Addy also worked as coach for the Thai National team assisting and adopting the no nonsense style of Ajarn Surat.

In 2013 Addy was hired by MSN as a coach for the Malaysian Team. A year later he was asked by Mr Sulaiman Salleh to come to Sarawak as the Head Trainer of SS Fighters Muay Thai Gym.

Between the 2014-2024 Addy has produced ONE Championship fighters, World Champion, Asian Games Gold medalist, Malaysian Gold medalists and numerous Sarawak Champions. He has sent fighters to Thailands prestigious Lumpinee Stadium, Max Muay Thai stadium in Pattaya, Turkey, Ghana, Hong Kong and all over Malaysia. He is a household name in the international Muay Thai community for his tough, disciplined approach to fight training. His fighters are also highly regarded for their technique, stamina and for putting Malaysia on the map. Despite being forty three years old, he still continues and enjoys fighting regularly. He has had offers to coach in the US and China but prefers to stay in Sarawak. Addy is now co-owner/head trainer at Rentap Muaythai Gym here in Kuching.


  • 25 years experience
  • Over 20 career fights
  • Co-owner and Director of Muay Girl Promotions
  • Co-owner of Rentap Muaythai Gym
    • Muay Thai fight promoter/match maker
    • Involved in Muay Thai grassroots programs and events
  • Member
    • Persatuan Muaythai Kuching

Jennana Johnson’s Muay Thai career began in 1995 in a small garage gym in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA. On a cold, snowy winter day she walked into the gym out of curiosity.  She had no knowledge about Muay Thai or any Martial Arts. Upon entering the gym she was greeted by small woman covered in sweat, wearing bright pink boxing shorts. After watching her soon to be teacher kicking Thai pads she was instantly hooked.

Being a lifelong athlete meant that certain aspects of Muay Thai came easy to her. The training, running but the fighting was never easy. Always a challenge and that’s what kept her in the gym every day. In 1998 she moved to Oregon, USA and began training at a new gym where she met her husband a Malaysian foreign student and Muay Thai fighter. 

They eventually moved back to Malaysia where they continued training and fighting. Her husband trained on and off in Thailand between 1998-2002. She would follow him on these training trips but would have to sit away from the ring. Women still weren’t allowed to even touch the ring, much less train or fight in the more traditional gyms. These opportunities only opened up to women in the mid 2000’s. Jennana quit fighting in 2002 to focus on family. Only after her three sons began fighting did she step back into the ring. She had four more fights between 2016-2018 before retiring for good.

Now she focuses on her boys Muay Thai careers. All three boys represent Sarawak; the two older boys have represented and meddled for Malaysia on the international level. They have fought in Abu Dhabi and Turkey. They are also regular fighters at Max Muay Thai stadium in Pattaya and have fought at the famed Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok.

Jennana understands the nutritional, physical and mental aspects of motivating and taking care of fighters. Raising a house full of active fighters has given her plenty of experience.

Recently she and long-time friend and training partner Dolphina Walter Tony have opened an events management company Muay Girl Promotions, dedicated to building Malaysian fighters and they also Co-own Rentap Muaythai Gym.


  • 12 years experience
  • 25 career fights
  • 2019 WBC contender (Ghana, Africa)
  • 2023 Max Muay Thai, Pattaya, Thailand
  • Owner and Director of Muay Girl Promotions
  • Owner of Rentap Muaythai Gym
    • Muay Thai fight promoter/ match maker
    • Involved in Muaythai grassroots programs and events
  • Member
    • Secretary of Kelab Muaythai Rentap

Dolphina Walter Tony’s Muay Thai career began 12 years ago while she was still an Mechanical Engineering student at UNIMAS. With no previous Martial Arts training and zero expectations, she joined a few friends for a class at SS Fighters Muaythai Gym in Kuching. What was supposed to be a fun class soon became an obsession. Within a few months she was already fighting and juggling her studies.

She later met her Thai husband, Addy Singpayak when he was employed as a trainer at SS Fighters Muaythai Gym. Addy immediately saw potential in her fight career and helped push her to another level. Somewhere in the midst of training their relationship bloomed. They later married and now have a nine year old daughter.

Over the next few years Dolphina balanced a career in Engineering while managing her husband’s fight career along with his students. She is the quiet mastermind behind the scenes, negotiating fight purses, logistics, training schedules and everything in between. She has been pivotal in catapulting Addy Singpayak’s fighters to an international level. They together have helped produce a world Champion, numerous Gold, Silver and bronze medalist on the World, Asian, National and State level. All the while she has continued focusing on her own fight career. She also contended for a WBC (World Boxing Council) belt in Ghana Africa in April of 2019.

The recent events of 2020 helped Dolphina realise her dream of making a full time career out of Muaythai. She recently resigned from her engineering job and is now focusing full time on managing Muay Girl Promotions and Rentap Muay Thai Gym with her friend and training partner Jennana Johnson.